Saturday, March 15, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Crowd

Check out the Five Minute Friday posts at  I don't usually join in, but I'm making it a goal to do more writing, even if it's just a five minute quickwrite here and there.


They're gathered around in a circle, some talking in hushed tones, some speaking loudly over the others.  Two spot a favorite title and squirrel it away, running off to find a cozy spot to share it together, out of the din.  There are conversations about recess, about the movie that opened last week, about how the sun hits the sparkles on her shirt and makes the library corner look like a discotheque.  And then there are conversations about the books.  "Have you read this one yet?" "Ooh, I love this one!" "Can I have that when you're done with it?"

The crowd in our library corner ebbs and flows as I quietly check off the attendance and lunch count. To the untrained eye, our morning starts with chaos. There are no worksheets, no test prep, no warm-up questions.  Just a community of friends, gathering back together for another day, surrounded by the books we love.

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