Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Not? A New Adventure

Shortly after New Year's, I decided one night on a whim to join Twitter.  Previously I thought that Twitter was not particularly useful unless you really needed to know what a reality star had for breakfast.  As it turns out, Twitter has been overtaken by some of the smartest, dedicated, most passionate educators that I have ever digitally met.  Over the last four months, my thinking has been challenged and reshaped and my PLN has grown tremendously.  Thanks to the Nerdy Book Club members,  I've read more books than ever before (which as a lifelong reader, is an accomplishment).

I've always believed that in order to have the right to teach reading and writing, I must be a reader and a writer.  The reading part of that is easy for me, but the writing part is something I must confess I have been lacking.  Just as with our students, it's difficult to find time and motivation to write without authentic purpose and audience.  Inspired by some wonderful bloggers on Twitter, I thought I would take on a new adventure.

Julia Child wrote in a letter to her friend, Avis DeVoto, "There is so much that has been written, by people so much more professional than I, that I wonder what in the hell I am presuming to do, anyway."  I don't know what I am presuming to do either, but I'll add my voice to the mix anyway. 

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  1. Ha! I know just what you mean about Twitter. I joined in November and by January, I had a couple of my classes using it too. LOVE Twitter! I learn so much....